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  • Passenger Elevators   Fuji lifts & Escalators offers a total solution in the vertical transportation - concept, design, customize, manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all types of elevators.

    The Fuji is a range of conventional traction type elevators with machines installed above the hoist way. Elevators are available as a range of standard elevators fully in conformity with the dimensions as standards. Details of the standard elevators, the specifications and dimensions required, are detailed below.
    In order to suit the individual customer's needs and to make optimum use of the available space in the buildings, special custom-engineered elevators are also offered without deviating from the standards.

  • Capsuls Elevators   These lifts can be installed on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby. The installation of these lifts can totally change the look of the building. The technology used in these lifts is state of the art.

    The range of lifts is from 8 persons to 40 persons for a three-sided glass capsule. 5 sided glass capsule is available for a minimum lift size of 13 persons. Octagonal shaped lifts are also being designed. Bottom lit marble floors, bell shaped roofs and cabin exteriors can be provided.
    One exclusive feature is that glass doors can be provided. When set in a glass capsule the beauty of the capsule is further enhanced.

    The lifts can be traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location. Apart from the cabin all other specifications are the same as for other passenger lifts.
  • Stretcher Elevators   W e are manufacturing stretcher lift of various capacities & speeds to suit customer’s requirements.

    The Cabin we provide is spacious & very comfortable for patient with proper exhaust system and jerk free stopping.
    It is also designed to transport the bulky hospital equipments.
    Provided versatile automatic control system permit economical self service or attendant operation.
    Emergency control system makes the lift reliable and safe.

  • Goods Elevators   These are meant especially for industrial Purpose. Goods lifts are of course made sturdy and rugged provided no willful damage is done to it. We have design goods lifts for weight up to 5000 kgs. The size and capacity of the lifts can be as per required by the client.
  • Hydraulic Elevators   Acomplete Solution for Low Rise Lift Application
    • Abolition of the superstructure machine room which allow better utilization of the built space, saving
       construction cost, earth quake & elevation.
    • Low installation and reduced maintenance cost in comparison to Traction lift, accuracy.
    • Longer useful life because the lifts system function in hydraulic oil.
    • The possibility of emergency lowering with Battery Back up OR Manual lowering valve if the electricity is
    • Safety, comfort and low noise level. Simple and fast installation.
    • Single time 3 phase power used in Up direction only, for Down 1 phase power used, Users Power savin
  • Machine Room Less Elevators   IF you’re looking for a space-saving MRL elevator that Cost less to install and less to maintain, there’s just one place to visit

    Advantage of MRL Lifts
    • Improves Aesthetic view of the building • Additional Saleable space for Builder • Construction cost-saving (Civil & Electrical) • Greater Design flexibility for Architects • Energy Saving with V3f Drive • More comfortable rides • Improve leveling • Emergency Rescue Device • Travels up to terrace floor • Introduces new design for new century
  • Automobile Car Elevators   This is the most popular type for car lifting requirements especially for architectural projects where car parking has been designed within the basement floors of the buildings or old buildings rennovated with car parkings re-designed to be above or below the street level. Available for lifting distances of up to 40 meters ( 130 feet )
  • Automatic Doors
  • Manual Doors
  • False Ceilings
  • Bi-Parting
  • Hand Reilings
  • Collapsible Gate
  • Fixtures
  • Hand Reilings
  • Imperforated Doors
  • Swing
  • Telescopic
  • .
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